Who will show up?

Our standard team size will be 1-3 technicians.  Depending on the job size and availability we may send multiple teams.

Arrival time

We do our best to arrive within your scheduled window of arrival, however we cannot guarantee a specific time.  

What is “Window of arrival”?

Illness, traffic, and other issues often limit our ability to arrive at a set time.  Please allow a few hours for an arrival window. We do our best to ensure your cleaning does not interfere with your schedule.


We do our best to handle your property with great care.  However, accidents happen. Our employees are trained to immediately notify us of any damage, and we will address those issues with you. We will handle most damaged items personally and involve our insurance company if needed.  We ask that any damage be reported within 24 hours to make the process as quick and smooth as possible. We are licensed and insured.

What we don’t clean

  • We do not clean antiques and specialty items. 
  • Bug infestations
  • Hard to reach areas
  • Anything considered a health hazard including bodily fluids
  • Large amounts of mold, including embedded in grout
  • Hard water buildup on delicate surfaces including stone, tile and metal
  • Windows
  • We do not move appliances or heavy furniture for safety and liability reasons
  • Toys
  • Inside of your fireplace
  • Construction debris
  • Full laundry service
  • Put away dishes

Time based Booking

Our pricing is straightforward and simple. Book for the time you want, and we will always stay within your budget.  We only stay as long as your budget permits.  If your home needs more time we will ask your permission before staying longer or charging more. Please understand that not all jobs can be completed in the time that was requested.  Please let us know your priorities and we will focus on them first.  If you book more time than is needed, we will adjust the invoice accordingly.  Longer bookings may require more than one appointment. 

First cleaning

Over the years we have learned that your initial clean will usually take longer to meet our standards, please round up on the size of your house to allow us to do a thorough job and set a high standard.  It’s also recommended that your initial cleaning be a deep cleaning.  Although neither of these are required, it does allow us to meet higher standards, and leave you with the best experience possible.

How to Prepare for your Cleaning

  • Make your home accessible, see home access section below.  
  • Having your home picked up will allow us to work as efficiently as possible and allow us to focus on cleaning. When we need to clean dishes or pick up toys, this keeps us from spending precious time on other tasks.  
  • Although we fully trust our employees, it is a safe practice to store medications, and valuables out of sight.
  • Secure pets in a comfortable location while we clean.

Cleaning products

We only use the best cleaners available.  Our standard all-purpose cleaner is nearly PH neutral, non acidic and safe to use on all types of surfaces including stone countertops.  It is a natural cleaner that is safe around children and pets.  We use ajax in toilets, sinks and shower/tubs  to help remove hard water buildup. In kitchen ovens we use a high PH lye based cleaner to naturally remove any burned on and difficult-to-remove residue.  Before leaving, we use an air freshener to leave you with a clean smelling home.  Please let us know if you want the air freshener skipped.  For severe hard water we use a vinegar based cleaner to dissolve the hard water spots.

Home Access

We completely understand if you choose to be on the property during the cleaning.  However, because the clients in most homes we clean are not home when we come, we are often provided a garage or door code which we ask for at the time of booking.  You can also hide a key, or leave the door unlocked.  We will always secure your property when we leave. Make sure your alarm is disabled, we will not be held responsible for false alarms. We are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. 

Cancellation and reschedule

Cancellations with less than 24-hour’s notice may incur a 50% cancelation fee.  Also please make sure we have access to your home.  This fee goes to our staff to help cover the travel time, gas, and wages they otherwise would have earned.  

Our rates are competitive but maybe not the cheapest

We strive to be competitive with other top tier cleaning companies. We maintain premium insurance, pay our employees well and only use high quality products.  Although we are not the cheapest, our quality and safety records speak for themselves.


Tips are not required or expected but are greatly appreciated when received.  Tips can be paid in cash directly to the technicians or included with your invoice.


Please keep pets locked to protect both them and us.  We often enter and exit the property multiple times so could be a risk they might escape.


We will change bed linens when clean ones are left on the bed.


For your privacy we will not enter a room with a closed door, except for the master bedroom and bathroom.  Please make a special request if you want these rooms avoided.  


We won’t leave a sink full of dishes; we will either load your dishwasher or wash your dishes by hand and leave them to dry.

Hard Water

Removing hard water can take time and multiple treatments of an acidic cleaner. If you have hard water issues in your area, we recommend a deep cleaning to remove it.

Satisfaction guarantee:

If for any reason you are unhappy with our cleaning, you have a 24-hour guarantee to open a dispute and we are authorized to schedule a retouch cleaner in 7 business days to recover the missed spots at no additional cost. If the dispute is not opened in 24 hours after cleaning, we will understand that the work was completely done with satisfaction.

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